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We can brag all we want about the quality of food here at Zorba’s Coney Island in Riverview, MI but we’d rather have our customers tell you instead. Below are what some of the satisfied customers have said about us on Facebook. You may view our reviews on Yelp as well.

This place is what I miss the most about down river!!!! I can’t decide what menu item is my favorite…. All the breakfast is amazing. Great fried mushrooms, HUGE AMAZING Greek salads…. Great now I’m hungry…. Anyone want to take a road trip with me????

Diana D.

I have lived in this community all my life and had never been to Zorba’s. My daughter suggested it so we went. A fantastic meal and good, friendly service. The place was packed and it should be .loved the food very much. Will go to Zorba’s alot more often.

Glenda N.

It’s literally just the best place ever! Everything is amazing, especially the ranch!:)

Kate N.

Always eat here. Just got home from eating here actually. The service is always outstanding and the waitresses are very polite and friendly no matter how busy it is. The food here beats any other coney island around downriver. The waitress was so great i tipped her 10$ on a 6$ breakfast meal.

Ryan M.

I used to visit Zorba’s every week when I lived Downriver. I now live in Florida but whenever I come back to Michigan, Zorba’s get a visit. Easier than going to Lafayette Coney and the portions and food is fantastic.

Hugh M.

Love Zorbas!!! They have great breakfast any hour of the day! Everything else is good too! And they’re open 24hrs!

Vicky H.

Nice atmosphere friendly servers I never complained about the food I would tell my friends about it

Peggy F.

Zorbas is amazing. my friends and I go every Friday, and sometimes during the week and the service is great, so is the good, and the waitresses are.all so kind, funny too.

Mark H.